Muse Creation

Muses are commonplace in society, therefore all players have the option of beginning with a muse. If you choose to forgo this option, you will receive an additional 2000 credits or 10 points of X Rep when your assets are unfrozen.

Muses start with 5's in all their aptitudes. You have 15 additional points to allocate as you wish. The maximum value for any aptitude is 20.

Muses start with the following skills:

Please note this is different than the sample in the book and may be changed if it proves to be unbalanced.

- Academics: Psychology 40 + COG

- Hardware: Electronics 10 + COG

- Infosec 10 + COG

- Interface 20 + COG

- Professional: Accounting 40 + COG

- Programming 5 + COG

- Research 10 + COG

- Perception 10 + INT

- Three other knowledge skills valued at 20 + aptitude

You muse's personality is entirely up to you. It "grew up' with you, and adjusted to your needs.

Muse Creation

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