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  • post7a

    Originally I was going to post both OOC and IC thoughts in the same post, but its long enough that I figured I would split them apart. Besides, not everyone wants to hear the musings of the GM! So, bare with me, or just skip this entry. And I apologize …

  • realization1

    I just realized... The rules of the system let me ret-con anything I want whenever the team has down time...

    I just need someone to hack their brains ;)

    That also means I can add new teammates whenever I want without worrying about party …

  • Combat House Rules

    This page is OOC.

    In almost every game system I have played combat tends to massively bog things down. In order to simplify things a bit, I will be adding various house rules from time to time.


    In any large encounter record …

  • Emergency Healing

    This page is OOC House Rules.

    In cases where the party does not have adequate healing abilities, the GM may elect to use this optional moxy rules.

    Players may spend 1 point of moxy to perform a heal roll with a target number of 50 …

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