The Nemesis Factor

On Hiatus

This campaign is officially on Hiatus.

I will attempt to resume as soon as I can, but things have been rather busy lately.

We will resume from approximately where we left off… At the reclaimists base on Earth.


Unexpectedly Saturn's moon Dephnis exploded.

Publically no one knows precisely what happened, though in the shadows rumors fly.

I may or may not post a mission summary later :P

(The players will hate me when they finally find out the why)

Massive Mind Screw

Tonights session merits comments.


Things started out smoothly… Combat for filler until everyone arrived, and to explain why Artimis suddenly was there.

Initially the creatures were underpowered. 

(yay demonic hounds!)

Then the team hid in the building, as expected. 

They tried to hack the computer, as expected.

They critically glitched on the language… Twice. 

This prevented them from getting some easy to find info.

Fortunately they still went on the correct path… Trying to get off the planet. (hey, everyone they met was hostile, it was expected).

They were quite surprised to learn that their bodies traveled with them when they farcast.

And then they found out their real bodies were out there working their job.

Wanting their bodies back (and probably to humor me partially) they proceeded to the right location…

So now they are in the right place, at more or less the right time, without ANY background info.

Guess that changes a few things… 

Tune in next week for more chaos.

(and I'll probably write a real summary later)

A new mind screw begins...

Time passed without any missions giving the team a much needed rest.

During their vacation a high priority mission came through. They were called into a meeting with the head of MGA, Isaac Kensington. The Saturn government had requested emergency aid and MGA was closest organization with resources to send a team.

A group of Exhumans had seized control of a gate on the moon Dephnis. The team was provided with (loaner) morphs of their choice, gear, and 50,000 credits on completion if they chose to participate. 

The job was to reclaim the gate.

The team accepted.

Six hours later they were on a high speed rocket to the moon.

Then there was redness.

One minute they were traveling and the next they woke in a red room… (puzzle link to be provided later)

Solving the puzzle the group then found themselves in a strange world in strange demonic bodies… They looked vaguely familiar, though most of the team were severely disturbed by them.

Regaining their senses, leaving a few mental points behind, the group began to explore the planet, rapidly learning that the inhabitants were not friendly to foreigners.

Talking failed once the truth of their arival was out, and they slaughtered two security guards in a nearby building…


Return to Ananati

Having returned to the MGA facility with the alien database a new mission was requested.

The database contained information on a structure which an race only translatable as "The Great Ones" had provided instructions to build.

This new race had cured the Ananati natives of both the disease which was plaguing the planet and fixed their genome once again allowing them to reproduce. Information on this advanced race would undoubtably turn a profit.

Returning the following day with a jeep, the team traveled to the coordinates of facility. They approached with great caution, afraid of potential traps. 

The location was surrounded by a wall and the only entrance was baracaded. It was obviously being maintained.

Attempting to enter the facility they fell into one pitfall after another. Eventually they startled the inhabitants and were forced to battle the avians.

The fight was rough, and Charles' body was destroyed (largely due to inept repair attempts). Eventually Max defeated the avian leader and became the "Bird King'.

The team explored the facility, learning more about the history of this planet, and they hijacked MEM's body so that Charles could assist.

Technology or BUST!

The team finally entered the facility. Using MEM as a power source they were able to activate one of the computers and retrieve a layout of the complex as well as gain access to various information about the species.

It was strange how little data was lost considering the amount of time the complex had been running on minimal power.

The facility itself was full of dust and many parts had decayed away.

The team developed a translation program for the language and did their best to loot the facility. Charles found himself what appeared to be an uber-powerful BFG, Rhiow snagged an energy sword, and Zor grabbed (very carefully) a package of explosives.

It was past nightfall by the time the team got back to the gate and they had missed their checkin time. Instead of a gateway home they were welcomed by a creepy drone with a message saying to check in tomorrow.

Suddenly finding themselves without a secure place to spend the night, the team decided to return to the facility for shelter.

This did not go so well with Max confidently leading them to the middle of nowhere. Without the power signature from the facility the team was hopelessly lost.

Eventually they made camp at night and did their best to sleep despite the suspiscious sounds all around them. Nothing happened while they slept but in the morning they discovered the area was trapped.

Barely escaping the traps they returned to the gate and went back to Mars. They completed their mission and most of them agreed to participate in investigating another  structure on the planet.


Running the Gauntlet

Having just crossed the electric floor the time was much worse for wear. They strove on though, advancing through sheer willpower.

As they walked, Artimis spotted the next obstacle ahead – gunturrents, lots of them.

Shouting out a warning the team cautiously advance until they spotted two individuals working at some control panel. Assuming they were Hestin's associates they they approached. 

Regretably this distraction caused Nye to slip in his work, destroying the console and causing the defenses to activate.

Artemis and Charles tackled the electronics but were unable to disable the guns. They did activate the door though.

As they worked, Number 12 started up a conversation with Wyres only to discover he was a huge fan. They talked about 12's fight history oblivious to the laserfire.

After a lot of work they managed to disable the turrents and get into the facility proper…

Hopefully things will be easier from this point on.


A quick note to everyone.

I finally feel that I have enough "meat" on this site that I don't need to keep it private.

As of now, complete strangers can follow your progress on the Mesh! 


I just realized… The rules of the system let me ret-con anything I want whenever the team has down time…

I just need someone to hack their brains ;)

That also means I can add new teammates whenever I want without worrying about party strife, after all the new teammate has obviously always been there.

Yeah, its cheesy, but it works!

Enter the Ruins

Having rested and recovered a bit the group restocked up on supplies and prepared to enter the alien ruins.
Rhiow proudly wielded the Anatanian Plasma Rifle she won from the King of the Hominids, Number 12 donned some rather stinky and ill fitting armor, and Max called in a few favors with some Martian crime syndicates to get a spray canister filled with the mysterious toxin from their encounter with the Avians. Charles briefed the security expert Zor on the situation while the others traveled ahead.

Cautiously the team entered the ruins and Number 12 crawled through the partially opened door and started down the stairs. Traveling along through the dimly lit hallway they soon approached a pile of crates and a bright light which did not fit with the rest of the surroundings. No sooner than their eyes adjusted then they were welcomed by "Stay back you damn dirty apes!" and a hail of suppressive gunfire. (which, I might add, there are NO rules for in the book)

Number 12 thought he would utilize his chameleon like abilities to sneak closer… Regrettably you can't sneak past gunfire. Perhaps if it wasn't a railgun firing at supersonic speeds he would have made it. As Rhiow retrieved his battered body, Max talked the crazed gunner down. Once the gunner, Hestin, realized they were people and not the native apes he was much more friendly. His team of 8 arrived on the planet about a week ago and the three who were left were holed up in the ruins for safety. He was guarding the entrance while his associates were further in the facility.

Confidently advancing on, Zor in the lead, they came across a strange section of multicolored floor. After Zor made a wrong step it became very apparent that it was some sort of security feature… A very lethal one. The team figured out the rules, though two of them were knocked unconscious and all of them were worse for wear, and eventually got to the other side…

What pitfalls await our explorers next session?
Tune in to see!


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