The Nemesis Factor


A quick note to everyone.

I finally feel that I have enough "meat" on this site that I don't need to keep it private.

As of now, complete strangers can follow your progress on the Mesh! 


I just realized… The rules of the system let me ret-con anything I want whenever the team has down time…

I just need someone to hack their brains ;)

That also means I can add new teammates whenever I want without worrying about party strife, after all the new teammate has obviously always been there.

Yeah, its cheesy, but it works!

Enter the Ruins

Having rested and recovered a bit the group restocked up on supplies and prepared to enter the alien ruins.
Rhiow proudly wielded the Anatanian Plasma Rifle she won from the King of the Hominids, Number 12 donned some rather stinky and ill fitting armor, and Max called in a few favors with some Martian crime syndicates to get a spray canister filled with the mysterious toxin from their encounter with the Avians. Charles briefed the security expert Zor on the situation while the others traveled ahead.

Cautiously the team entered the ruins and Number 12 crawled through the partially opened door and started down the stairs. Traveling along through the dimly lit hallway they soon approached a pile of crates and a bright light which did not fit with the rest of the surroundings. No sooner than their eyes adjusted then they were welcomed by "Stay back you damn dirty apes!" and a hail of suppressive gunfire. (which, I might add, there are NO rules for in the book)

Number 12 thought he would utilize his chameleon like abilities to sneak closer… Regrettably you can't sneak past gunfire. Perhaps if it wasn't a railgun firing at supersonic speeds he would have made it. As Rhiow retrieved his battered body, Max talked the crazed gunner down. Once the gunner, Hestin, realized they were people and not the native apes he was much more friendly. His team of 8 arrived on the planet about a week ago and the three who were left were holed up in the ruins for safety. He was guarding the entrance while his associates were further in the facility.

Confidently advancing on, Zor in the lead, they came across a strange section of multicolored floor. After Zor made a wrong step it became very apparent that it was some sort of security feature… A very lethal one. The team figured out the rules, though two of them were knocked unconscious and all of them were worse for wear, and eventually got to the other side…

What pitfalls await our explorers next session?
Tune in to see!

A learning experience

Originally I was going to post both OOC and IC thoughts in the same post, but its long enough that I figured I would split them apart. Besides, not everyone wants to hear the musings of the GM! So, bare with me, or just skip this entry. And I apologize for it largely being stream of thought.

This session had a couple “experiments” involved. The first was having one played connected in digitally (skype). I could not get my digital camcorder or my camera to interface with skype, but that’s hardly surprising since they are old. This meant we only had sound so I sent photos of the terrain ahead of time and had Brandon carefully describe what was happening into the mic.

This actually worked fairly well, John was able to participate in a visually oriented puzzle while being a couple hundred miles away. Next time we should have access to a webcam from Amanda’s computer (or I might splurge and buy one) so it looks like having web sessions is a completely viable option.

The one major drawback to it is it is harder to keep track of someone who isn’t there. I did not know if he was interested, feeling properly involved, or if he was even hearing me. To try and mitigate that I ran everything in initiative order but still it was one big looming unknown. The other problem was Aubrey couldn’t get his computer working with Skype. That could probably have just be solved with more time though, since it was a last minute decision to try and attend digitally.

The second experiment was already touched on, I ran a thinky session. There was one major puzzle that was NOT solvable by rolling dice. Apparently everyone enjoyed the puzzle but there was one major drawback. I screwed up on building the map. By the rules the puzzle was still doable but it was ALOT harder. I’m pretty sure it added at least half an hour after they figured out the rules. In the future I will do the puzzles once again AFTER setting it up for the players (instead of just on paper to make sure its solvable). The other problem with the puzzle was it required squares not hexes so I did it out with poker chips instead of using heroscape terrain. Now I need to think of more puzzles to give the PCs… And because I am proud of this puzzle I will post the rules at some point.

Another experiment was randomly throwing Dave into the mix. He was supposed to join earlier and this is the first session he showed up at. He used a pregen character from the quickstart rules and the party accepted his presence just fine.

Other things of note are the team seems like they want to figure things out on their own as opposed to asking NPCs for help. They were told (granted the one who told them was a bit crazy at the moment) that there were more people in the facility… The team didn’t ask questions though they just walked on ahead. Now that might be my not communicating well that he was a “resource” or it might be team preference…

Lastly (?) in order to add more flavor I will be creating various “custom” weapons as the need arises. Expect to see pages dedicated to weapons soon. The rulebook suggests you do that, and I like the concept of wielding a “Dresden Hybrid” as opposed to “An automatic rifle railgun”.

(Firearms, Melee Weapons, Armor)

Thanks for reading along!

Enter the jungle

On paper the mission was simple, go to the planet Ananati Prime in the Severus system by means of the Pandora Gate. Investigate the ruins and energy source that initial scans detected. Your compensation will be based off any biological and technological samples obtained. You have one week and are expected to make daily status reports at 2200.

Exitting the gate the team was immediately blinded by the harsh glare as the sun reflected on the field of glass immediately in front of the gate. The team, with the exception of Number 12, quickly adjusted to the glare. Number 12 was drawn into vivid flashbacks to his time in the cage fights and proceeded to battle with the unyielding ground. Once he gathered his senses the team proceeded away from the beach and towards the dense jungle ahead of them.

The intense heat and humidity made several members of the team wish they had taken synthetic morphs, but it was barable and the atmosphere was breathable. They gathered their biological samples as they explored and Max instructed MEM to record what went on.

As they searched signs of motion could be spotted out of the corner of the eye, and MEM captured a brief picture of something human-sized. Undisturbed by the possibility of large lifeforms the team continue to explore before the sky began to fall.

Rhiow attempted to climb a tree and this startled the creatures inside it. They fled the scene but not before bombarding Rhiow, Number 12 and Charles with some sort of sticky, rank liquid. Charles let out surpressive fire in an attempt to ensurenothing else approached while Number 12, not sensing any further danger, investigated the goo, going so far as to taste it. Feeling extremely dirty he realized what it was, and how valuable the scientists would find it, so he stored a sample.

The group consolidated together in case there was another attack and resumed their trip towards the ruins. Shortly after several hominid lifeforms jumped down and attacked. The creatures were armed with simple clubs and easily fell before the team. The team was in such a small area after this fight that they all fell victim to the toxic bombardment which followed. The avian life forms bombed them with some sort of toxic chemical, a chemical which made it hard to breath and to see. Fighting against his watery eyes, Number 12 obtained a sample.

Finally reaching the first of the detected ruins, the group found a pile of avian bodies and four more hominid lifeforms. Max's keen understanding allowed him to understand that they were clearly celebrating the death of all those avians. He also easily recognized that they were indeed intellegent and capable of communication. The fact that these ones were also wearing ancient armor helped. Artimis recognized the armor as most likely being relics of the past civilization and despite being old it was extremely good gear.

Max attempted to peacefully approach the hominids while Charles took up a sniping position. Max properly showed submission and gained the head hominids approval and all was going well until Number 12 tried to follow his lead and offered a dead avian as a gift. The chiefs reaction as he approached was immediate, he blasted him with the ancient energy weapon he carried.

Charles tried to fix things so that a fight wouldn't break out but botched and instead offered Number 12 as a gift. As two of the hench-hominids approached to take him, the team recognized that the time for "talking" was through. Rhiow snuck along the flank and Charles opened fire. The four smaller hominids quickly fell to the automatic gunfire and Rhiow inadvertantly challenged the chief to combat for control of the tribe. She quickly won and was given the gun as a sign of her authority. The (former) chief loudly declared her authority to the forest before disapearing into the trees and the team finally investigated the three structures. The final one had the strongest energy reading and had a door which led underground.

There were signs of other humans before them.

The team returned to the gate with their prizes and to rest before investigating the underground.

Assorted Floura and Fauna
Ocean Water Sample
Stream Water Sample
Sand Sample
    Environmental Samples: E-Rep +5

Concentrated liquid hominid DNA
Avian Toxin Sample
Avian Body
Hominid Body
    Biological Samples: R-Rep +5

Four suits of ancient armor
Four Alien Blades
Alien energy weapon
Unidentifable alien tech found in ruins
    Technological Samples: R-Rep +5

Intergalatic Geography special on alien dominence rituals as recorded by MEM.
    Exploration Media: F-Rep +5

A job well done

The TD5K had three simple rules.

  1. Do not damage the ship
  2. Do not interfere with ship operations
  3. Do not expect handouts, nothing comes free.

These rules were hardly a surprise after the welcoming you received. The one enemy who survived your entrance told you the basic lay of the land and how things worked here as an apology for causing Rhiow so much damage. He even offered his services. Of course none of the team had any resources to pay for them.

The ships economy runs off Caps and Frags. Caps are coins for the ambroisa machines and frags are a local varient of @-rep.

In order to get anything done, the group had to earn one of these. The guards to the elite section of the ship were requiring 500 caps per person or an elite pass.

Max was clearly the breadwinner here. His unique DJing skills made him a very valuable comodoty. He ran the music for one days cage fights and then an elite party the next. He earned enough money to meet with the captain.

The captain offered to sell the scans of the alien ship. Max managed to negotiate the cost down to 4000 credit. Regretably the MGA refused to reimburse this cost, saying it was unreasonable.

While Rhiow was chasing rats (to sell as food) and Charles Johnson was repairing (or at least trying to) guns to earn some spending caps, Max took care of getting all the info they needed.

After two days they were able to leave the barge and, minus the slight surprise waiting in their ship, the team returned to NOM 7 without trouble.

Having completed the mission they returned to the facility on Mars and now are taking a couple weeks vacation before embarking on the next mission – Artifact Collection. Everyone was paid 5000 credits and gained 5 X Rep.

OOC Notes
  • Next session will probably be January 7th.
  • This is your opprotunity to get a new morph. Tell me what you want (and how you will be paying for it). Synthetic morphs are recommended and as such will receive an additional discount on cost. For more info on costs you can see the resleeving page.
  • This is also an opportunity to get gear. Again, tell me what you want.
  • This is an ideal time for new players to join.

The bus station at the end of the universe.

After egocasting to NOM7, our investigators found themselves in a bus station.
Receiving an update to their orders, they continued to investigate the mysterious ship which was in the system.
The ship was too far out for an accurate reading to be obtained from NOM7 but fortunately a barge, the TD5K, crossed pathes with the mystery ship.
They arranged to go to the ship and receive information from their sensors for a price to be discussed on arrival.
Apparently that price was a cage fight.
Most of the attackers went down quickly, but one didn't fall until several overwhelming Armor Piercing Teeth attacks.
After defeating four, most of the team were able to simple walk (or be thrown) out. The two remaining guards were getting ready to withdraw when Artimis came running in a blur from the shuttle and dove through the doors.
With a shrug the closest guard walked out and the door slammed shut behind them.
A button press later and the docking bay was vented to space…

The mesh is up, and we're outta here!

X 17 began exploring the city on NOM 7. This exploration was highly eventful, involving 2 of the members falling down the stairs due to a gross inability to control their bodies.

They attempted to equip themselves with weapons, but did not have much luck, being unable to access the weapon depo and making due with the broken arm from an arachnoid and a pipe.

Their exploration allowed them to discover the mash control center which they "quickly" (6 hours) fixed.

Charles Johnson slaved away on the repairs, being the only one able to accomplish anything (although Rhiow did find the materials with the assistance of her muse). 

While Charles was busy working, Artemis dedicated his time to exploration and figuring out what was going on.

Various theories were proposed, with the general concensus being that someone, possibly the Titans, sacked and burned the mesh. 

Once the mesh was restored, Artemis uploaded the mind of the Regional Director Tom Jones so they could hopefully find out more information. Regretably he was not aware of what happened, and the only strange thing to happen was an unidenfied signal on the outskirts of the system.

After briefly discussing the recovery plan to confirm this was not a failed recovery attempt, the team returned the Director to his body (which Max Blunt had beenkeeping warm), loaded a support tech to assist with the resleeving process, and then egocasted to NOM 7 to see if their sensors had any more details.

Muse Creation

OOC Communication

I have posted guidelines for statting out your own muses.

You can find more information on the Muse and Muse Creation pages.

If you do stat out your own muse, please create a character for it and send me the link.

Wrong place, wrong time?

One minute they were dying (or sleeping) and the next they were in an empty conferance room.

Their team muse, MEM-0012-X explained the mission to a very confused group. Investigate why NOM-5 in the Nyxling system had lost communication. 

Before they could get any real questions answered, they were downloaded to random bodies planetside. 

The planet was lifeless, nothing moved even though there was still power. There were bodies, both synthetic and biological everywhere. 

What would the team do next?

Helpful links:

Nyxling System

X 17


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