The Nemesis Factor

Running the Gauntlet

Having just crossed the electric floor the time was much worse for wear. They strove on though, advancing through sheer willpower.

As they walked, Artimis spotted the next obstacle ahead – gunturrents, lots of them.

Shouting out a warning the team cautiously advance until they spotted two individuals working at some control panel. Assuming they were Hestin's associates they they approached. 

Regretably this distraction caused Nye to slip in his work, destroying the console and causing the defenses to activate.

Artemis and Charles tackled the electronics but were unable to disable the guns. They did activate the door though.

As they worked, Number 12 started up a conversation with Wyres only to discover he was a huge fan. They talked about 12's fight history oblivious to the laserfire.

After a lot of work they managed to disable the turrents and get into the facility proper…

Hopefully things will be easier from this point on.


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