The Nemesis Factor

Enter the Ruins

Having rested and recovered a bit the group restocked up on supplies and prepared to enter the alien ruins.
Rhiow proudly wielded the Anatanian Plasma Rifle she won from the King of the Hominids, Number 12 donned some rather stinky and ill fitting armor, and Max called in a few favors with some Martian crime syndicates to get a spray canister filled with the mysterious toxin from their encounter with the Avians. Charles briefed the security expert Zor on the situation while the others traveled ahead.

Cautiously the team entered the ruins and Number 12 crawled through the partially opened door and started down the stairs. Traveling along through the dimly lit hallway they soon approached a pile of crates and a bright light which did not fit with the rest of the surroundings. No sooner than their eyes adjusted then they were welcomed by "Stay back you damn dirty apes!" and a hail of suppressive gunfire. (which, I might add, there are NO rules for in the book)

Number 12 thought he would utilize his chameleon like abilities to sneak closer… Regrettably you can't sneak past gunfire. Perhaps if it wasn't a railgun firing at supersonic speeds he would have made it. As Rhiow retrieved his battered body, Max talked the crazed gunner down. Once the gunner, Hestin, realized they were people and not the native apes he was much more friendly. His team of 8 arrived on the planet about a week ago and the three who were left were holed up in the ruins for safety. He was guarding the entrance while his associates were further in the facility.

Confidently advancing on, Zor in the lead, they came across a strange section of multicolored floor. After Zor made a wrong step it became very apparent that it was some sort of security feature… A very lethal one. The team figured out the rules, though two of them were knocked unconscious and all of them were worse for wear, and eventually got to the other side…

What pitfalls await our explorers next session?
Tune in to see!


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