The Nemesis Factor

The mesh is up, and we're outta here!

X 17 began exploring the city on NOM 7. This exploration was highly eventful, involving 2 of the members falling down the stairs due to a gross inability to control their bodies.

They attempted to equip themselves with weapons, but did not have much luck, being unable to access the weapon depo and making due with the broken arm from an arachnoid and a pipe.

Their exploration allowed them to discover the mash control center which they "quickly" (6 hours) fixed.

Charles Johnson slaved away on the repairs, being the only one able to accomplish anything (although Rhiow did find the materials with the assistance of her muse). 

While Charles was busy working, Artemis dedicated his time to exploration and figuring out what was going on.

Various theories were proposed, with the general concensus being that someone, possibly the Titans, sacked and burned the mesh. 

Once the mesh was restored, Artemis uploaded the mind of the Regional Director Tom Jones so they could hopefully find out more information. Regretably he was not aware of what happened, and the only strange thing to happen was an unidenfied signal on the outskirts of the system.

After briefly discussing the recovery plan to confirm this was not a failed recovery attempt, the team returned the Director to his body (which Max Blunt had beenkeeping warm), loaded a support tech to assist with the resleeving process, and then egocasted to NOM 7 to see if their sensors had any more details.


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