The Nemesis Factor

A new mind screw begins...

Time passed without any missions giving the team a much needed rest.

During their vacation a high priority mission came through. They were called into a meeting with the head of MGA, Isaac Kensington. The Saturn government had requested emergency aid and MGA was closest organization with resources to send a team.

A group of Exhumans had seized control of a gate on the moon Dephnis. The team was provided with (loaner) morphs of their choice, gear, and 50,000 credits on completion if they chose to participate. 

The job was to reclaim the gate.

The team accepted.

Six hours later they were on a high speed rocket to the moon.

Then there was redness.

One minute they were traveling and the next they woke in a red room… (puzzle link to be provided later)

Solving the puzzle the group then found themselves in a strange world in strange demonic bodies… They looked vaguely familiar, though most of the team were severely disturbed by them.

Regaining their senses, leaving a few mental points behind, the group began to explore the planet, rapidly learning that the inhabitants were not friendly to foreigners.

Talking failed once the truth of their arival was out, and they slaughtered two security guards in a nearby building…



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