td5k barge

TD5K stands for Thunderdome 5000. This barge is a converted colony ship which roams through the universe trading (and sometimes stealing) for enough raw materials to keep traveling.

It was initially designed for 2000 people, but is currently running over-capacity at a fixed 5000. Its new name is derived from the means they control the population. Whenever new individuals wish to enter, others are forced to leave.

The ship is very large and bulky. Its a mile long rectangular craft. The propulsion drives are located in the rear of the craft, protuding out the sides. The central portion of the ship was initially crygenic and equipment storagewhich was then retrofitted. The front section was ships crew housing and facilities.

The interior of the ship is divided into three sections, gold, green, and gray. Gold is the bridge and the executive crew quarters. Green is where the normal crew are housed.These two sections are impeccably clean and well maintained.

The final section is the gray section. This is where everyone else lives. It is largely a lawless zone. In order to leave the gray sector you need an elite pass. There are only three laws on the ship. 

  1. Do not damage the ship
  2. Do not interfere with ship operations
  3. Do not expect handouts, nothing comes free.

This section is highly overcrowded, dirty and damaged. There is no maintainance unless something impacts ship functionality. Status in this section is judged based on the size of your weapon.

The ships economy is based around two things – Caps and Frags.

It is interesting to note that the population of the ship is entirely biological human. Their ambrosia machines do not even have blueprints for sythetic morphs.



Below are the various crew members of note.

Captain Ferris – Captain of the ship.

Lynx – "friendly" fury on the ship and part of the welcoming committee.

td5k barge

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