suppressive gunfire

There are times when an individual needs to lock down an area and prevent anyone from coming closer. This is done through supressive fire.

When using a fully automatic weapon you can use a complex action to initiate supressive fire over an area up to 5 meters wide. This is done by rolling a normal firearms test and recording the number rolled. Each round they continue firing 10 bullets are used.

In the event of a critical failure a significant problem should happen. Something more substancial should happen than the gun merely jamming. 

In the event of a critical success the terrain is considered extremely difficult. Approaching at anything about quarter movement will result in a fray roll with a -30 penalty.

Until the gunner runs out of ammo or decides to stop firing the region being targetted is considered difficult terrain. Additionally a fray test is required to avoid being shot.

Crawling or keeping low to the ground can confer a bonus to the fray roll.

On failure of the fray roll, the PC takes normal damage from the weapon.

suppressive gunfire

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