Rhiow is a member of the Gatecrashing team X 17

Publically Available Bio:

Not available.

Team Bio:

Thie following information is known only to his team members.

She is an uplifted cat who pictures herself as a leapard. After investigating the situation on NOM 5 she upgraded her Synth morph to a Fury. Both morphs had claws as a key feature.

Character Links:

Character Sheet

Muse Sheet

Morph History:

  1. Natural Body – Uplifted Cat
  2. Infomorph
  3. CASN4-2 – Body was left damaged.
  4. Infomorph
  5. SYNFTM-NOM7-7 – Modded with cyber claws.
  6. FURF-OTFMML-MGA-1 – Modded with cyber claws.

Rez Gain:

12/17/09 – 7


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