There are countless different types and varieties of firearms in post fall society. The core rulebook only supplies descriptions for basic types. It encourages us to make up our own brands to add flavor so that’s what can be found here.


Kinetic Weapons

Dresden Hybrid

A multi-purpose railgun, capble of firing a single powerful shot or a smaller burst.

SS: AP -9. DV 2D10 + 10

SA/BF/FA: AP -5. DV 2D10 + 5

Ammo: 22 rounds. 

Battery: 200 shots before needing to be charged. Charges 20 shots per hour.

Dirty Harry

An old fashioned revolver designed after a line from a famous movie. "Did he fire six shots or only five?... Do you feel lucky punk?" Never again do you need to worry, with the Dirty Harry you have an extra shot compared to other revolvers.

SS: AP -4. DV 2D10 + 5

Ammo: 7 rounds.

Energy Weapons

Ananatian Plasma Rifle

A rifle which was won off of the chief of the Ananatian Hominids. Though its specifications were originally unknown, use has demonstrated several of its properties.

SS: AP -12. DV 3D10 + 12

Power Source: 20 shots before needing to be charged. Charges to full power in one hour.

Power Drain: It takes two rounds to recharge the capacitors between shots.

Wide Beam: +10 to hit and increased damage to structures. Rather than dealing 1/3 damage it does half damage (rounded down).


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