Combat House Rules

This page is OOC.

In almost every game system I have played combat tends to massively bog things down. In order to simplify things a bit, I will be adding various house rules from time to time.


In any large encounter record keeping is a pain. This is especially true with respect to the "mooks". The mooks are standard cookie cutter NPCs designed to increase the number of opponents. They don't hit very hard and they don't live very long.

In order to further expedite this, I am implementing the following special rules for them.

  • Mooks "die" after receiving a wound. Doing less then their wound threshhold has no effect on them. 
  • Mooks do "average" damage. There is no dice rolling involved, they just do X damage based on their weapon.

Damage Rolls

This should already be in the mail rules, but it is something I will change depending on difficulty of the campaign. In the current campaign, rolling a 0 on a D10 damage roll is worth 10 points of damage.

Combat House Rules

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