Artemis Lancaster Windsor III

Artemis Lancaster Windsor III is a member of the Gatecrashing team X 17

Publically Available Bio:

Not available.

Team Bio:

Thie following information is known only to his team members.

He was a middle-aged businessman when he died in his sleep. While he has no knowledge of anything that happened after AF 0, he seems to have the strongest understanding of what is going on. He is currently sleeved in a Sylth morph.

Character Links:

Not available.

Morph History:

  1. Natural Body
  2. Infomorph
  3. REANOFM-3 – The bodies weapon systems were damaged when he left it.
  4. Infomorph
  5. SYNMMLX-NOM7-26


Rez Gain:

12/17/09 – 4


Artemis Lancaster Windsor III

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