Ananati Prime

A jungle planet in the Severus system which houses a Pandora Gate. Though there are alien ruins on the planet, it was believed that there was no intellegent life until X 17 investigated.

Initial exploration of the planet by MGA revealed that the shoreline by the gate was glass, that there was animal life in the jungle, and that there were alien ruins with a faint power source.

Detailed investigation revealed that both the Hominid and Avian races on the planet were indeed intellegent and at war with eachother. Both races are capable of using tools and the hominids appear to have advanced forms of communication. Examples of their dominance ritual are currentlyexperiancing substancial viewership on the Mesh.

The scientific community is already at work developing patterns for new morphs modelled after Ananati lifeforms and equipment.

Ananati Prime

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