The Nemesis Factor

Massive Mind Screw

Tonights session merits comments.


Things started out smoothly… Combat for filler until everyone arrived, and to explain why Artimis suddenly was there.

Initially the creatures were underpowered. 

(yay demonic hounds!)

Then the team hid in the building, as expected. 

They tried to hack the computer, as expected.

They critically glitched on the language… Twice. 

This prevented them from getting some easy to find info.

Fortunately they still went on the correct path… Trying to get off the planet. (hey, everyone they met was hostile, it was expected).

They were quite surprised to learn that their bodies traveled with them when they farcast.

And then they found out their real bodies were out there working their job.

Wanting their bodies back (and probably to humor me partially) they proceeded to the right location…

So now they are in the right place, at more or less the right time, without ANY background info.

Guess that changes a few things… 

Tune in next week for more chaos.

(and I'll probably write a real summary later)


ledeir ledeir

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