The Nemesis Factor

Return to Ananati

Having returned to the MGA facility with the alien database a new mission was requested.

The database contained information on a structure which an race only translatable as "The Great Ones" had provided instructions to build.

This new race had cured the Ananati natives of both the disease which was plaguing the planet and fixed their genome once again allowing them to reproduce. Information on this advanced race would undoubtably turn a profit.

Returning the following day with a jeep, the team traveled to the coordinates of facility. They approached with great caution, afraid of potential traps. 

The location was surrounded by a wall and the only entrance was baracaded. It was obviously being maintained.

Attempting to enter the facility they fell into one pitfall after another. Eventually they startled the inhabitants and were forced to battle the avians.

The fight was rough, and Charles' body was destroyed (largely due to inept repair attempts). Eventually Max defeated the avian leader and became the "Bird King'.

The team explored the facility, learning more about the history of this planet, and they hijacked MEM's body so that Charles could assist.


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