The Nemesis Factor

Technology or BUST!

The team finally entered the facility. Using MEM as a power source they were able to activate one of the computers and retrieve a layout of the complex as well as gain access to various information about the species.

It was strange how little data was lost considering the amount of time the complex had been running on minimal power.

The facility itself was full of dust and many parts had decayed away.

The team developed a translation program for the language and did their best to loot the facility. Charles found himself what appeared to be an uber-powerful BFG, Rhiow snagged an energy sword, and Zor grabbed (very carefully) a package of explosives.

It was past nightfall by the time the team got back to the gate and they had missed their checkin time. Instead of a gateway home they were welcomed by a creepy drone with a message saying to check in tomorrow.

Suddenly finding themselves without a secure place to spend the night, the team decided to return to the facility for shelter.

This did not go so well with Max confidently leading them to the middle of nowhere. Without the power signature from the facility the team was hopelessly lost.

Eventually they made camp at night and did their best to sleep despite the suspiscious sounds all around them. Nothing happened while they slept but in the morning they discovered the area was trapped.

Barely escaping the traps they returned to the gate and went back to Mars. They completed their mission and most of them agreed to participate in investigating another  structure on the planet.



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