The Nemesis Factor

Everything was going relatively fine. The war against the Titans was in full swing but still large parts of our daily lives proceeded normally.

Then it all changed.

Next thing we knew it was 12 years later and we supposedly an expert gate exploration team.
How did this come to be? Whose pulling our strings? Will we ever get a REAL body again?

All we can do now is keep exploring and hope the answers are found…



This is my first attempt at maintaining a campaign website. This site is intended to be an IC tool since everyone is on the mesh in transhuman society.

In order to preserve some surprises, unless players ask me for info in advance, I will not post anything until they discover it or if I want to leave them hints.

Players are encouraged to post to the adventure log as well as to leave their comments on the various entries (just make it clear they are the source). There will be REP and possible REZ awards.

Also, much of this info is published under the creative commons license. I encourage all of you to purchase the Eclipse Phase rulebook.

The Nemesis Factor

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